We are now providing easy, simple to understand choices for selling your goods. 

You select the option that best suits your needs, willingness to participate, and time frame.


From there we discuss the steps necessary to complete your specific project, the amount of time necessary to do the best job, and the costs involved.


These options are based on our many years of experience and are not negotiable. 

Each option has advantages and disadvantages. 

You must decide which is best for your situation.

We want to do the best job possible. 

We want to be as fair to you, the seller, as possible. 

We want our buyers to be excited and willing to buy your items.



The 2 options will be described in detail, separately, on upcoming pages of this package.





       Please review these pages and contact us with any questions you may have.  We want to work with you in the best possible manner to liquidate your assets.  If our options do not feel right to you, then you are welcome to investigate other methods.


Sell your assets in an auction from your location, with our team providing all services

 Consign your assets to our warehouse facility, with our team handling everything


Option 1

Under option 1, your assets would be sold in an online auction with our company handling all aspects of the task.




1.     We will collect inventory data and pictures for your assets.

2.     We will process this data and prepare it for uploading to the internet.

3.     We will upload and manage the auction until the conclusion.

4.     We will handle all marketing for the auction in print and on social media.

5.     We will field all questions from potential buyers.

6.     We will meet with potential buyers to allow them to preview the items.

7.     We will separate and tag the assets.




1.     We will handle all financial transactions and payments from the buyers.

2.     We will meet with the buyers to allow them to remove their purchases.

3.     We will handle all disputes that might arise with the buyers.

4.     We will generate a Report of Sale and Settlement Check for you, the seller.





  •          Marketing for online services (Facebook, Auction Zip, Craigslist, etc.)                       $500.00

  •          Email marketing to our subscribers                                                                            no charge

  •          Uploading and marketing on multiple websites                                                         no charge

  •          Commission                                                                                                          to be discussed


1.     Remove all remaining opened food products (we can sell full, unopened product)

2.     Remove grease from fryers.

3.     Remove all trash from restaurant

4.     Clean the equipment (the cleaner it is, the more money it brings)

5.     Remove ALL items that are not to be sold (records, personal items, vendor equipment)

6.     Maintain utilities until after the auction ( water, electricity, but not gas)

7.     Allow our team access to the site, with keys and alarm codes, or a designated person on call.

8.     Ensure that the property manager/building owner agree with all auction details.


Option 2

Under option 2, you would sell your assets to us for an agreed upon price.


You would be under no obligation to sell your assets to us.


  •          We evaluate the assets and our needs/desires to buy them.

  •          We will make you a onetime offer.

  •          We do not negotiate the price (no haggling).

  •          If acceptable, we will return with our trucks and men.

  •          Before anything is loaded you will receive CASH payment and will sign a bill of sale.

If our offer is unacceptable, then you have the full right to choose option 1, or sell your assets in some other manner. There will be no charges from us for anything to this point.



Please understand that our offer is not based on the potential market value of your assets.

Our offer is based on our current inventory and the value of your assets to our inventory.

You may have duplicates of items in our current inventory that we do not particularly need.

You may have assets that have a very small market range and are difficult to sell.

The age and condition of your assets may not meet our customers’ needs.